Get Ready! Dental Implants Will Change Your Life!

dental implantsAre you thinking about getting implant-based dentures to replace your traditional dentures? If so, you are making a wise choice. Patients who make the switch from removable to implant dentures report greater comfort, better diet, and more confidence in their social life. It may seem like a daunting experience at first, since dental implants require quite a bit of prep work, day surgery, and a long healing period. However, judging by the testimonials of patients who’ve lived through the process–it’s 100 percent worth it!

The Journey to Dental Implants

The road to dental implants starts with a consultation with your implant dentist. Your doctor will review your dental and medical history to assess your candidacy for implants. If you have any medical conditions, this may affect how well your body will respond to the implants and heal from surgery. Chronic or systemic medical conditions shouldn’t rule out implants for you, but they do need to be taken into consideration–so always disclose all pertinent information to your doctor.

After your consultation, we will take a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan of your face and jaw, to help determine the ideal placement for dental implants. Implant placement is a bit like hanging a heavy picture on the wall. Like a nail that needs a sturdy stud behind it, dental implants require ample, solid healthy bone to be implanted securely. If you have gone many years without teeth, you may require bone grafting or sinus lift surgery either before or during your implant surgery. These may extend your timeline, but they can help ensure a succesful outcome.

Dental implants do take some time, and the process may seem endless at first. However, many patients can use their new teeth in as little as three-to-six months. Why do dental implants take so long? Just like a hip replacement or knee replacement, your body needs a lot of time to accept the replacement parts and integrate them into your existing bone systems. The osseointegration period is needed so that new bone can grow in the ridges around the implant and make it as stable as your natural tooth roots were.

After the implants have become stabilized by new bone growth, a second procedure is performed to attach abutments to the top of each implant. This makes space in the gums, so the denture plates can be firmly attached to the implants for general use. After abutment placement, it takes a couple of weeks before the gums have healed enough to take a dental impression. From there, your new implant-based dentures can be crafted.

During the periods of waiting and healing, you may feel that implants have changed your life negatively, but the journey does end, and you will love the outcome! When properly placed, dental implants have a 98-99 percent success rate, so we’re confident you will have a great new set of stable dentures in the end.

Long-Term Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the best benefits of dental implants (and the reason why dentists love to recommend them) is the fact that they help you preserve your oral health. Traditional dentures can be hard on the gums, and many patients develop soreness and gum irritation as time passes and dentures no longer fit well. Implants let you avoid the potential damage to your sensitive gum tissue because the dentures are connected only to the bone. They never rub against the gums when you bite down and chew. Implants also preserve your facial structure. With implants, the jaw bones stay healthy and strong, and you’ll never have to worry about a “shrinking jaw” to change your appearance and make you look older in the future.

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, Fresno Dental Scan can help you and your doctor make sure your implant placement is a success. Contact us at 559-297-6823 or schedule online to arrange your cone beam scanning appointment.


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