We provide several different level of services meant to assist advanced surgeons as well as beginners in implant dentistry. Using advanced 3D technologies of a Gendex 500 HD Cone Beam Computer tomography combined with intraoral scanning of the patient’s dental arches or CT scanning of models or specialized scan appliances, we can provide the technology support and expertise you need to treat complicated cases.

The key to success is in proper planning that starts with acquiring correct data, understanding the patient’s goal and surgeon’s needs to design a computer assisted design virtual treatment plan. Upon the approval of the plan by your treating dentist we can digitally mill or 3D print custom made surgical guides to assist with placement of the dental implants.

Example of CBCT Scan for Implant Planning

The advantages of CAD planned dental implant therapy are numerous, just to name a few important below:

  • Faster surgical appointments that are less traumatic and provide faster patient recovery
  • Precise implant placement as in the virtual treatment plan, removing the risks of damaging important vital structures such as nerves, blood vessels, maxillary sinuses
  • Surgical treatment that is prosthetically driven; in other words, implants are planned according to the future teeth position, thus providing a much better esthetic result of the implant reconstruction

Example of CBCT Scan for Orthodontic Treatment Planning