CBCT for Sinus Cavity Orientation

male dentist looking at dental scanCone beam scanning, also known as CBCT, is a non-invasive 3-D scan that allows cosmetic dentists to take a picture of both jaws in a single scan. CBCT is a great way for cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Denes, to create more accurate treatment plans for patients. By using a CBCT, Dr. Denes and our team are able to collect more patient dental information and in turn, diagnose patients with increased confidence.

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What Is CBCT?

CBCT is short for Cone Beam Computer Tomography. CBCT is simple, safe, practically free of distortions, and most importantly…painless! This incredibly detailed 3D scan creates a more accurate x-ray image that allows Dr. Denes and our team to form more suitable and personalized treatment plans for each patient’s unique dental situation. Instead of capturing multiple 2D scans, Dr. Denes is able to collect multiple images with just one 3D scan.

This is great for clients because a single scan, rather than multiple scans, limits the amount of radiation exposure. A CBCT scan uses a cone-shaped beam, paired with digital processing to show dentists all of the different tissues in the face, as well as the facial skeleton. This allows Dr. Denes’ team to individually assess the bones, teeth, canals, and soft tissues within the face, to allow for a safer, more precise dental implant procedure for each patient.

CBCT and Sinus Cavity Orientation

Many patients are unaware that multiple sinus cavities can be found in the face. Their position and orientation may vary among patients and can affect the placement of dental implants. Our sinus cavities are important because they allow humans to filter and humidify incoming air, so we don’t want to interfere with their function as we proceed with implantation. If implants are too close to sinus cavities, it may inflame your sinuses, resulting in chronic pain or infection.

In some cases, before patients can successfully get dental implants, they may require a sinus lift surgery. During a sinus life surgery, bone is added to either side of the septum (the cartilage that separates the left and right nostril). A sinus lift surgery, sometimes referred to as sinus augmentation, raises the sinus floor, allowing for increased dental implant success. There are usually low levels of discomfort associated with this surgery, but they are minimal when compared to the pain of not having it done prior to dental implant surgery.

Why choose dental implants?

Some patients may be put off by the number of procedures and pre-procedures associated with dental implants, such as sinus lift surgery. But the bottom line is that the benefits of implants outweigh such concerns.

  • Dental implants are long lasting.
  • Dental implants don’t interfere with speaking, eating, or smiling.
  • Dental implants allow patients to forever be cavity free.
  • Dental implants prevent jawbone deterioration and the mouth discomfort associated with dentures.
  • Dental implants will never need to be relined or refitted, and, when placed, will always be comfortable.

These are just a few of the benefits of getting dental implants. Dental implants are the ideal alternative for a healthy, natural looking smile. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanently fixed in place and are a lasting solution to missing teeth.. They’re truly the only option for restoring your beautiful smile permanently.

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